Xue (Shirley) Liang is a self taught wearable art designer whose work focuses on hand fabrication, art direction, and illustration. Xue graduated with a Bachelor of Graphjc Design (Honors) in 2016 from York University and Sheridan College. 

For process and behind the scenes: xliangdesign


"Kami", Glassbook 2017

"Cold as Ice", Altas 2017

"Calissa", Borealis 2017

"Hikari", Glassbook 2016 


Vancouver Fashion Week, Vancouver 2017 

NOISE, Taipei 2017

Fashion Art Toronto, Toronto 2017

Intuition Collaboration show with NC Salon, Toronto 2016 

100Degrees, Hong Kong 2016

Contessa, Toronto 2016

NOISE, Moscow 2016 


Feature, Post City Toronto 2017 

Cover, Applied Arts 2016


Gold Student 2016, Advertising and Design Club of Canada 2016

q30 Branding Design Award, Association of Registered Graphic Designers 2016

Book Design and Branding Design Awards, Applied Arts 2016

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